How-to guides


Boat tuning

420s are technical boats; changing the rigging setting can make all the difference to the boat’s performance and in turn your results.  We've created some easy guides to help you:

Simplified Setup

How to Measure Mast Rake, Tension Prebend and Jib

Jib Sheet Lines and Barber Hauler

Mainsheet Strop Settings

420 Boat settings – a Beginners guide – a great guide written by Matt Burge who was a great GBR 420 sailor and has gone on to win both the Fireball World and European Championships multiple times plus many UK National championships in an array of classes. He now campaigns a Scorpion.

420 Tuning Video – 11 minutes of 420 tuning tips


Boat prep and maintenance

How to make a tapered 2:1 main halyard


Boat handling and training

420 to the Max video – nearly 1 hour of great 420 info and tips

420 Exercise Book – training exercises you can do with your coach or in your own training.


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