Team Selection process/policy

Unlike other youth class boats, only the top sailors from each country can attend the World Championships and the Junior European Championships each year.  Ordinarily the following events are used to select Worlds/Europeans: Selector 1, Selector 2 + Youth Nationals.  Please refer to the Events Calendar for details of the dates of the 3 events.  Boats wishing to be considered for selection for 2022 Worlds/Europeans teams are required to enter ALL 3 events in the series, as per the Selection Policy.  If you are over age to attend the Youth Nationals please refer to the Selection Policy for details of how to qualify.

Each country is given an allocation of number of boats, with a guaranteed number of places for crews aged under 17 (i.e. age 16 or under at the end of the year in the championships).  Note: the age of the boat will be based on the age of the eldest sailor in the boat.

Ordinarly the split of boats is as detailed below (please refer to the individual Selection Policy each year for allocation):

World Championships: 25 Boats
Open/Mixed = 5 boats
Ladies = 5 boats
Boats of either gender = 7 boats
Boys/Mixed (U17) = 2 boats
Ladies (U17) = 2 boats
Boats of either gender (U17) = 4 boats

Junior Europeans: 15 Boats
Open/Mixed (U19) = 3 boats
Ladies (U19) = 3 boats
Boats of either gender (age 19 and under) = 4 boats
Boys/Mixed (U17) = 2 boats
Ladies (U17) = 2 boats
Boat of either gender (U17) = 1 boat


The 2022 Selection Policy can be found here (for information).

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Selection Committee

The Class has an independent Selection Committee who are responsible for writing the relevant Selection Policies and selecting the teams from the relevant events.   The current members of the Selection Committee are:

The Selection Committee can be contacted directly using the Contact Us page on the website.


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