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The 420 offers great development for sailors in the two-person disciplines – most of the World's top sailors sailed in this class and easily moved on to succeed in other classes, and enjoy Olympic and big boat careers.

The GBR 420 Class Association is the National Class and organises training and events across the whole of the UK for sailors of all abilities.

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GP1 Event Report

Event Report - by Ollie Meadowcroft

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420's at Tiger Trophy

Report by Hugo Valentine

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Coaches Tips: Maintenance & Breakages

Some Coaching Tips to help you keep your boat in tip top condition

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Selector Series Report

Report from Spring Series 1

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Who are we and what are we all about; learn more about who we are and who to contact if you need more information

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Everything you need to know to get started. We have a fantastic transition programme to help get you.

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We are an RYA recognised youth class with a highly competitive national circuit. Find out more about our racing programme here

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Our open and inclusive training programme provides high quality with great sailor to coach ratios to ensure you get the best out of it

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